About Us

Mission Statement:

Fidelians Foundation Inc is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization That is Dedicated to Making a Difference in the Lives of Individuals With Special Needs and Critical Illnesses.

The goal of the Fidelians is to continue to assist those in need. We rely on contributions from our friends to help us provide support, understanding, and guidance for these young people as they strive to reach their potential goals.

The Fidelian organization was born in 1939, organized by a group of Italian-American businessmen. The name Fidelians was derived from the word Fidelity, which means “loyal to a cause”, in our case, the perpetuation of Italian ideals and customs and service to the community. We established ourselves as a service club and during the years of our existence we provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities including hospitals, patients with terminal illnesses, scholarships and subsidized recreational camps for underprivileged individuals.

During World War II, the Fidelians sponsored a bond drive and raised enough currency to purchase a B-24 Bomber, which was named “The Fidelian”. At present, our main project is the Fidelians Camp, which provides recreational facilities to individuals with severe mental and emotional handicaps, mainly Down Syndrome.

The facilities are replete with a swimming pool, shower room, arts and crafts room, and an air conditioned meeting room. The individuals we serve do appreciate our generosity, and as is obvious, all is gratis, paid for by the Fidelians. During the year, we do sponsor various money raising ventures, with all money raised used judiciously and specifically for the camp. Our camp is open for inspection at any time. A mere request is needed.

The Fidelian
During WWII, helping the war effort through donations and selling War Bonds, the Fidelians were able to purchase a B-24 Liberator Airforce Bomber.